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Cadillac CTS

The Cadillac CTS is a mid-sized luxury car, which is considered as the initial model manufactured General Motors under the Cadillac brand. The sales of the vehicle began from the year 2002 and are still continuing. Cadillac CTS has replaced the Cadillac Catera model in 2003. Cadillac has tried for a younger buyer base with the help of Catera and Allante during the 1990s period. It was related to Cadillac STS and SRX.

The first generation Cadillac CTS was produced and manufactured for six years from 2002 to 2007 with a GM Sigma Platform. The 2003 model car consists of new rear-wheel drive platform. This generation car comprises of 4-door sedan. For every year, the transmissions and power of the engines differ considerably.

In 2004, CTS has 3.6 L DOHCV6 engine that produced 255 hp with a torque of 342 N-m having variable valve timing. CTS model car is equipped with a 5-speed Getrag 260 manual transmission and 5L40-E automatic transmission comprises of a new version of 2.8 L DOHC V6 engine for the year 2005. Later on, Aisin AY-6 6-speed has replaced Getrag. The length of CTS was 190.1 inches with 70.6 inches width and height up to 56.7 inches.

The second generation came into existence from 2008 and is still running. This generation CTS was slightly different from previous generation CTS. The new CTS comprises of GM Sigma II platform. CTS were available in 2-door, 3-door and 5-door sedans. Their interior and exterior were redesigned from the Cadillac Sixteen. The base model of CTS consists of 3.6-liter V6 having torque up to 342 N-m that produced the power of 258 hp in a variable valve timing. In the second version of CTS, a 3.6-liter V6 VVT engine is provided.

It produces 304 hp power and torque of up to 371 N-m. A six-speed Hydra-matic 6L 50 automatic transmission has been equipped in all models of this generation. The length of CTS was lengthened to some extend i.e. 191.6 inches. The width of sedan is increased from 70.6 inches to 72.5 inches and the height was 58 inches. During this generation, CTS was produced in Coupe and Sports Wagon designs.

For its impressive features, CTS has been nominated for the North American Car of the Year award 2002. Motor Trend Car of the year 2008 has been bagged by 2008 CTS too. Recently, Cadillac has won the Car and Driver 10 Best Cars list 2009 for consecutive year.